Collection: DRIFTWOOD


This gorgeous treated driftwood is handpicked from the Oregon Coast. Each piece of driftwood undergoes a 3 day process of treating. Once pieces are retrieved from the coast, I remove any remaining sand and loose bark that I can. Pieces are then submerged in bleach water for at least 24hrs to ensure all marine life, bacteria & odor is removed. Once they have been thoroughly soaked in bleach water, they lay out to dry for 2 days where they develop a gorgeous white-washed look. This process ensures the cleanest & brightest driftwood. 

*Wood color may vary depending on natural wood variations/type of wood. Wood is not sanded. Most pieces are smooth and require no sanding, but some pieces may be rough.* 

*Names of bundles are inspired from various Oregon beaches, but not necessarily foraged from that specific beach.*

*I reuse the names of bundles for my driftwood. Any reviews are from previous bundles.*