Hey fam! Thanks so much for stopping by my page and taking a moment to learn more about me! My name is Hannah and I am the artist and owner of La Vie Boheme Handcrafted! You’re probably wondering if you pronounced that right...let me help you out! It’s pronounced [lah vee boh-em] and it’s a French term for “The Bohemian Life”. When picking a name for my small business, I wanted something different and something that was a reflection of my hippie soul. It’s usually pretty easy for me to make up my mind and it didn’t take long for me to stumble upon this phrase. And I just decided to go with it! My little biz is located in Keizer, Oregon. Everything you see here on my page is intentionally and lovingly handcrafted by me.

Now that you know how to pronounce my business name, let me tell you how I got here! I’ve always had a crafty soul. When I was young, my mom would order different crafts for me and I just loved putting them together! Sometimes I would even set up a little stand outside of our house and sell things. Now, fast forward to June 2019 when I made my first plant hanger. I have developed a love for plants and needed more room in my apartment to display them. You can never have too many plants, am I right?! Anyways, as a girl on a budget, my crafty soul kicked in and I went to my local craft store to buy some cord and pulled up a YouTube video for DIY plant hangers. It was a lot easier than I anticipated because the knots were very similar to the knots I would use to make friendship bracelets with when I was young. It started with me just making a few plant hangers and posting them on social media. I have the most amazing friends/family and they really encouraged me to take it a step further and convinced me to start selling my work. I started my Instagram page in September 2019 and quickly found inspiration from other fiber artists. My Instagram started to grow and I since then have built some amazing friendships through the macrame community and received so much encouragement. In February 2020 I got accepted into my local
Saturday Market here in Salem, Oregon. What an amazing opportunity for my little biz. I had been working the past 6 years as a Dental Assistant and loved it so much. But my passion started to change over the years and I felt God had a different purpose for me. In July 2020, I was able to quit my job as a dental assistant and pursue macrame full time and I have been loving every minute since! I’m such a homebody, so running my own small business out of my home is the perfect job for me. My Shih Tzu, Bentley, has been loving me being home too! I'm so thankful for my husband of 6 years who has encouraged and supported me this entire journey.

My hope is to spread kindness through my work, emanate good vibes, and encourage others to embrace their inner hippie. I want to spread the love of Christ through my business and make everyone feel special! You are so loved and so unique. No one is YOU, and that’s something to celebrate! Now that you’ve stayed here longer than you probably thought you would...stay a while longer and take a look around! I so appreciate you stopping by my page. You’re the very reason I get to continue my passion and share it with others. So even if you decide to wait on purchasing something, please help me out and share my work with others. That would just mean the world to me!

Have a beautiful day!
La Vie Boheme Handcrafted
Hannah Whitney